Voting in the 2021 Municipal election? Listen to 7 of the candidates discuss their vision for the City of Carbondale.

Candidate’s Forum – Hosted by the Southern Illinois Unity Coalition


Candidate’s Forum – Hosted by the League of Women Voters


Chicken Tenders

A short documentary by Sarah Lewison about the Food Autonomy Initiative’s Chicken coop project!



Interview with Carbondale Spring co-founder Nicholas Smaligo, by Nathan Colombo of WTF Carbondale



Teach-in with Nick Smaligo on Over-policing in Carbondale

In this talk, Nick argues that the only way to right-size the Carbondale Police Department and get our runaway police spending under control may be to disband the CPD and rehire a smaller number of police. It should be pointed out that this is NOT advocating for “abolishing” the police, but rather disbanding the current department in order to hire a smaller police force that is more in line with a holistic vision of public safety.


In part 2, Nick outlines a holistic approach to public safety:


Defund the Police, Build the Commons

A short film about the Food Autonomy Initiative by Ellen Esling and Carson Cates, featuring narration by Fr. Josephy Brown, S.J., Lia Driscoll, and the late, great Chuck Paprocki.




Voting in Carbondale

The Carbondale City Election will be held on April 6, 2021. There are 9 candidates running for 3 City Council positions, which means you can vote for 3 city council candidates.

Early voting begins on March 22. If you have any questions about early voting, you can contact the Jackson County Clerk and Recorder by calling (618) 687-7366.

Unsure of how to vote in Carbondale?