In the face of climate catastrophe, we need to rapidly shift from fossil fuels in our household, business, and city energy use. A city renewable energy fund could kick-start such a transition, creating local employment and more clean energy sources inside the city itself. The average solar household project costs around $25,000. After solar tax credits, the average household solar installation is $11,214 – $14,406. With a $1,000,000/year renewable energy fund, the city could fund
about 70 such projects each year. That number could increase if half of those funds were set aside for matching grants, subsidizing those homeowners who want solar and have the means to pay for it in part.

Initiating such a project would create a huge number of local solar installation jobs, and begin the process of transitioning Carbondale into a city that is generating its own, clean electricity.

In the first year of the Carbondale Spring, the city will:
• Create a city renewable fund to support, in full or in part, solar and other energy-saving
projects in households, businesses, and city buildings.
• Employ regional solar and other businesses to execute these projects, on the condition that
they hire and train local workers.

Cost Estimate:
Renewable Energy Fund: $1,000,000