Four Initiatives

First things first: set aside the question of how we will fund what follows. That is the focus of another section. In order to really think about the kind of changes that are possible, we have to first step outside of the box we usually think in – a box which tells us that the world we have is the only one we can have and that we’re silly for thinking otherwise.

Click the links below to read about the four initiatives that we want to see enacted in the first year of the Carbondale Spring. Each of them is a bold step in the right direction but is also just the beginning of what is necessary to transform our city into one that is sustainable, resilient, and just. These are sketches, and as we move forward with this project, we will need to develop teams to research and design the implementation of each of these initiatives.

The four initiatives we propose are:

Each of these initiatives will create or retain local jobs that are supportive of the community and each other. Each will build resilience in the face of the climate and economic challenges we face and will transform the real substance of the town, creating a sense that we are facing our challenges head-on as a community. They will, of themselves, help to ‘re-brand’ Carbondale, but in a deep, transformative way, rather than the superficial changes proposed by the logic of marketing.

These four initiatives will radically transform Carbondale, taking it in a direction that many of us only dream about. These dreams, however, reflect a necessity – this is the kind of bold transformation that is urgently required of us to address the climate crisis we face.


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