An Invitation to Change

An invitation to change

We all know there is something special about this place.

70 years ago, Delyte Morris took advantage of a peculiar situation and grew a small college into a world class University, tripling the size of the town in about a decade. There was no roadmap for this transformation. It was unprecedented, and made possible by a set of bold ideas about what a university could be. The era that created that growth is long over. Today, we need an idea of similar boldness to build a future worth living in. There is no formula for how to solve the problems we face. We have to invent something new.

60 years ago, one of the greatest minds of the 20th century called this place home. Buckminster Fuller was a visionary who saw that the course of human civilization was ecologically untenable, and he sounded an alarm bell from his dome on Forest St. that reverberated around the world. His vision – and the vision of thousands who have struggled to create a more sustainable and compassionate world — has not been realized. We cannot wait for those with power at the state or federal or corporate level to save the day – it is simply not going to happen. The task of transforming, and possibly saving, the earth will fall on the humble. The small places that have the freedom to transform themselves on their own terms.

Carbondale is special. It is the site of the intersection of the eclipses. A place this special is only floundering so deeply because we have surrendered our unique and visionary legacy. We have to accept that we cannot police away the problems we are facing. We have to confront them with ingenuity, care, and a self-reliant spirit that is not afraid to break the existing molds and chart a new course.

We aim to make Carbondale the city that is taking the challenges posed by climate change seriously. We aim to make Carbondale the city that is seriously re-building a social safety net based on compassion rather than incarceration.

These two transformations will make Carbondale a destination for people around the country who are frustrated with the current course of the world. People will move here. People will visit here. We will be a beacon of inspiration for people.

But we need your help.

If this vision resonates with you, and if you want to move forward with this as a community, please send us an email telling us what you are most excited about for the Carbondale Spring.


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