Carbondale municipal elections are tomorrow April 2nd. It matters — kind of. Over the past couple weeks, volunteers with the Carbondale Spring have been out knocking on doors, talking with our neighbors about our proposals to build food autonomy, cooperative businesses, renewable energy, and a team of care workers, and to fund all this by reducing the Carbondale police budget to a size in line with the national average.

And we’ve been encouraging people to vote for Nathan Colombo for mayor, and Jerrold Hennrich, Adam Loos, and Tom Grant for City Council. But all along we’ve been clear: this is a community project that will proceed no matter who gets elected.

Door knocking has been strangely satisfying. We’ve had surprisingly deep conversations with people throughout Carbondale, speaking with hundreds of people who support the Carbondale Spring. We’ve stood on porches in the sun and the rain; been invited into homes for tea; we’ve given our pitch standing on milk crates, sitting on bar stools, and of course, over community air waves.

And pretty much everyone has been like, “hell yeah.”

So we want all the folks we’ve had the pleasure to speak with over the previous month to know: we hear you, we’re doing this, and we won’t let an election get in the way of it one way or the other.

If some or all the candidates we have been supporting lose, then we promise we’ll continue organizing for this vision. And we’ll need your help to develop our initiatives and pressure elected officials to redirect city funds.

If all the candidates we have been supporting win, then we promise we won’t assume that we’ve won and slow down. We’ll keep organizing for this visions, and we’ll need your help to develop the initiatives and pressure those elected officials to redirect city funds.

Either way, we’ve all got our work cut out for us. And either way, we’re convinced that this is what Carbondale needs.

So please: vote tomorrow. Having Nathan, Jerrold, Adam, and Tom on City council will help us in our efforts.