One Step Closer to Food Autonomy

Beck-HomesteadWe are pleased to announce that one of the world’s leading permaculture design experts and educators, Wayne Weiseman, has endorsed the Carbondale Spring and agreed to lead our Food Autonomy initiative.

This is a big step for the Carbondale Spring, and for the future of Carbondale. There is so much wisdom here, just waiting to be unleashed to build a city that isn’t just crossing its fingers waiting for the University to turn around, that isn’t just waiting for some industry to take an interest. We can build a self-reliant city.

We can make Carbondale a model for a compassionate, ecologically restorative form of development. But we need your help.

Wayne Weiseman has lived in Carbondale since 1995, and spends much of his time traveling the world teaching courses in permaculture and helping communities to grow sustainable food systems. His own yard in Carbondale has an orchard, a water catchment system, and numerous other ecologically friendly features. You can keep up with Wayne’s blog here, and purchase his first book, Integrated Forest Gardening, here. Wayne’s second book is forthcoming.

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