A brand new article that perfectly expresses why we need to redirect the outrageous Carbondale police budget into care workers.

[O]ur communities aren’t offering us the support system that they once did. A lack of community care, crucial to providing a sense of unity and belonging, has spurred poverty, loneliness, social isolation, gun violence and rising suicide rates. Compared with people in other developed nations, Americans are dying at a younger age and quicker rate. Studies indicate that “despair deaths,” or deaths related to alcohol, drug and suicide, are a root cause. Our lack of community is killing us. Yet in a nation with less and less care, issues such as isolation are a mere drop in the bucket, quickly lost in the sea of social shortcomings vying for our attention.

Read the whole article by Eve Blossom here.

Read about our plan to respond to the challenges we face by turning Carbondale into an innovator in compassion here.

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