Remember how you started ignoring climate change?

Remember when it happened? When it just became too painful to keep up with the news about it? When you realized that they would just let the planet burn, and that we were powerless?

It is time to change again. It is time to realize that we have an opportunity to push back hard against extinction, right here in our town. We can hope the higher levels of government take action, but we can also set a precedent here, right now, at a scale where we — you and me, here in Carbondale — actually have agency.

Join the Carbondale Spring. Let’s do this.


“[I]t’s also important to understand that climate change is not a binary system. It’s not a question of whether it’s happened or not. It’s not a question of whether we’ve passed a threshold of catastrophe or not. Every tick upward makes the impacts worse, and every tick upward we avoid will make them better. So, at 2.5 degrees, we’ll be considerably worse off than we were at 2 degrees; at 3 degrees, worse than two-and-a-half degrees. And while the scale of some of these possible horrors is, therefore, a kind of almost paralyzing horror show, it’s also a reminder of just how much power we have, and will always have, over the climate. If we get to 4 degrees, it will be because of action we take now. And if we—but that means that we can avoid getting there if we take action quickly.”

Interview with the author of The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming.

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